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Setting up our merger

My small business has been pretty successful. We've recently been approached to merge with another local company as we think that having twice as many outlets and staff might help us both have more profitable sales. I want to make sure that the merger is fair and that we are not being taken advantage of, so I am getting a full legal review done. Our lawyers have been really helpful in explaining what all of the legal terms mean so that we know what we are actually signing. This blog is to help other people who might be looking for any sort of legal help.


Why Use a 457 Visa Agent in Australia?

A 457 visa refers to the type of visa used when a company or individual wants to sponsor a skilled worker to come to Australia and work for them. This type of visa is not difficult to obtain, but like any other, there are terms and conditions that the employer and the employee both must fulfill. In many cases, it can be good to work with a visa agent when applying for this type of sponsorship. A 457 visa agent is one who works as a go-between, for your company and the government agency that would approve the visa. Note a few reasons why it can be good to work with such an agent when bringing over skilled workers.

1. Paperwork is required even after your sponsored worker arrives

One requirement of a 457 visa is that the person be paid in such a way that this can be traced or proven; this may include a bank transfer or automatic deposit, or a paper check, or something that an outside party can confirm. If you don't work with an agent when obtaining the visa and afterwards, you may not realize that this paperwork, and other such supporting documentation, is needed and may face fines or penalties for paying your worker illegally.

2. An agent can explain your worker's rights and limitations

A worker coming to Australia has rights and protections as well as certain limitations; you cannot bring someone into the country and just assign them any work, pay them any rate, and so on. As an example, they must be paid a rate of compensation that is on par with what other workers are earning for the same type of job. They cannot work for anyone other than the employer who sponsored them, and they cannot be made to pay for the cost of the visa, travel, and the like. An agent can ensure that you as the employer understand all these limitations and don't violate any of them.

3. An agent can ensure applications are done properly the first time

Failing to provide certain documentation or other such information with your application can mean having it be delayed during the application process, or rejected altogether. You may then need to go through the process again and pay certain fees again, and this too means even more delays. An agent can ensure that applications are done properly the first time, and work with you to include all necessary documents, records, and the like, to avoid delays and added costs.