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Setting up our merger

My small business has been pretty successful. We've recently been approached to merge with another local company as we think that having twice as many outlets and staff might help us both have more profitable sales. I want to make sure that the merger is fair and that we are not being taken advantage of, so I am getting a full legal review done. Our lawyers have been really helpful in explaining what all of the legal terms mean so that we know what we are actually signing. This blog is to help other people who might be looking for any sort of legal help.


Conveyancing: 3 Reasons you Should Hire a Conveyancer When Buying A House

Buying your first home is a daunting task. There are so many details to take care of, and you may forget something important. You should hire a conveyancing lawyer to help you during the process. Property law varies from state to state, so hiring a professional is vital to your success. Here are three reasons you should hire a conveyancer when buying property. 

1. Legal Jargon 

Unless you are a lawyer, legal documents are difficult to read and understand. You cannot be sure that you have thoroughly grasped the content of a document. Hiring a conveyancer when buying property will ensure that no aspect of your contract is beyond you. A conveyancer will help you read through the contract and explain every clause to you. They can also inform you about your rights as a buyer. Property law varies all around Australia. A conveyancer will be able to tell the different state's requirements.  

2. Helps you with finances 

Your conveyancer will help you save money. He or she can read through the property contract and find out exactly how much money you need to pay. If there are hidden charges in your contract, your conveyancer is bound to find them. Although a conveyancer will cost you money, it's better to be safe than sorry. An experienced conveyancer has an in-depth knowledge of the players in your area. They can help you organise financing for the purchase. A conveyancer can help you contact the best lender for your mortgage needs. Their advice is invaluable as a lousy mortgage contract can ruin you financially.  

3. Reduce your Work 

The world today is filled with people looking to make easy money. These may sell to you, property that has an underlying issue without telling you about it. Having a conveyancer will protect you for this. He or she can do in-depth research on the property of your choice. They can find out its history and background. This way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.  

If you have job and family commitments, you do not have enough time to deal with realtors, mortgage brokers and home inspectors. Your conveyancer can take these tasks off your hands. If you hire one, he or she can study home inspection reports and vet realtors and mortgage brokers. Conveyancing lawyers know the players in the property market. Yours can advise you on the best people for the job.  

Hiring a conveyancer will reduce the stress involved in buying property. It will ensure that you have an easy time during conveyancing.