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Setting up our merger

My small business has been pretty successful. We've recently been approached to merge with another local company as we think that having twice as many outlets and staff might help us both have more profitable sales. I want to make sure that the merger is fair and that we are not being taken advantage of, so I am getting a full legal review done. Our lawyers have been really helpful in explaining what all of the legal terms mean so that we know what we are actually signing. This blog is to help other people who might be looking for any sort of legal help.


Outstanding Qualities to Look For in an Estate Planning Lawyer

If you are an estate owner, you are obligated to protect your family and business from any form of emotional or financial hazards that may arise when you pass on. One of the solutions you can consider is to have an estate planning lawyer help you create a succession plan that meets your requirements.

This way, you will ensure the state doesn't share your properties and funds once you are gone. But how do you select the best estate planning lawyer? This post will outline the basic qualities you'll find in an outstanding estate planning lawyer.

They are experts in estate planning

One of the best things about working with a lawyer that is an expert in estate planning is that you will get high-quality services. Such a lawyer is fully knowledgeable, so they'll guide you and ensure the plan doesn't go against the state's laws. This means that the courts will approve the estate plan, and your objective will be attained when you pass on.

The expertise also helps the lawyer overcome any of the challenges they may face while working on your estate plan. For your peace of mind, be sure to work with a lawyer who is certified in trusts, probate and estate planning law in your state.

Can handle various kinds of tasks

Estate planning involves a wide array of tasks, so the work the estate planning lawyer will do when working with you will vary from another client's needs. For this reason, it's vital to choose a lawyer that can handle a wide range of tasks such as creating wills, minimising estate taxes, representing you in court when necessary, planning for disability and so on. This way, you will avoid incurring extra costs to hire a separate lawyer.

Uses the consultative approach

Normally, estate plans vary from one person to another, so you want to work with a solicitor who uses the consultative approach while working with their clients. This will allow them to consult with you and evaluate your needs every step of the way. After all, you might change your mind about some aspects, so they should be able to capture that.

So, once you schedule the first meeting, you must pay attention to how attentive the lawyer is and how they answer your questions. Additionally, you should note the questions they ask regarding your estate or the plan you need and if they'll offer unique estate planning ideas or solutions you might not have thought of.

To get started with estate planning, reach out to a local estate lawyer.